Strategic Gap Analysis

You simply need to ask two questions – where are we now? and where do we want to be? The difference between the two is the strategic gap. In many instances, a strategic gap refers to the gap between the current performance of an organisation and its desired performance as expressed in its mission, objectives, goals and the strategy for achieving them. The strategic gap is a threat to the future performance—and even survival—of an organisation and is guaranteed to impact upon the efficiency and effectiveness of senior executives and their management teams. The strategy gap is considered to be real and exists within most organisations. An article in the “Fortune magazine” stated that some 70% of CEOs’ failures were the result of poor execution rather than poor strategies.

There are various schools of thought on what causes the gap between vision and execution, and how the strategy gap might be avoided. Paul R. Niven, a thought leader in Performance Management Systems, pinpointed four sources for the gap between strategy and execution, namely: lack of vision; people; management; and, resources. He argued that few understand the organisation’s strategy and as most employees’ pay is linked to short-term financial results, maximising short-term gains becomes the foremost priority which leads to less rational decision making. Management is spending little attention to the linkage between strategy and future performance. Unless the strategic gap initiatives are properly funded, resourced, measured, and tracked, their failure is virtually assured.

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution requires your team to remain focused and committed to the strategic planning process from beginning to end. Keeping your team engaged, aligned, and dedicated to ownership will ensure that your strategic plan will be a success.


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Strategic Planning Templates
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