Events Manager

This is a versatile feature-filled events manager, providing the ability to publish events, locations, and manage bookings among many other cool features. You can add and organize events from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. It is one of the tools available for subscribers whose membership include tools access. This therefore means that templates-only subscribers and free members are NOT events manager enabled.

You can allow registration on the website, create multiple events, sell tickets, create alerts, etc. You can even set different levels of tickets for different privileges, and limit the number of registrants. The events can be get-togethers, webinars, conferences, workshops, networking, parties, fundraisers…whatever you like to do that involves getting a group of people together. This gives you a complete system for creating, organizing and managing events.

When selling tickets for your event or maybe a donation for a party, you can add your own PayPal payment receipt link as part of the invitation description. If you don’t already have one, you can set one up here at PayPal.

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