Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate programs are the ideal way to make profitable income, especially when you stumble on products that sell fast and pays you a magnificent income. Our FREE program is perfect for business professionals, internet marketers, business opportunity seekers, and even newbies. You will be provided with free Marketing Collateral and be shown how to really crush it! No bull, no hype, only proven success. We will provide you with step by step instructions on how to help you make a fantastic income. We not only provide instructions, but also personally help you to close sales and quickly earn money. We give you wings so that you could fly and soar on your own.

What am I promoting?
100% tested and proven business templates and tools already being used by the world’s best companies. The templates and tools allow business professionals to do “schock & awe” work in a fraction of the time with unusual creativity and high performance team collaboration.  Learn more about the products here.

How big is the market?
This product is in high demand by practically any company, any business professional, anywhere, and anytime. It is the reason why globally billions of dollars are spent annually on consultants and trillions are spent on hiring talented people. So, you already know people who are ideal prospects for this website, which means you can immediately put your rolodex to profitable use and start earning serious money…FAST.

How much money will I make?
Our affiliate program pays you 20% commission which can be as high as $4,200 per sale, depending on the version you sold. And, since the products offer users recurring subscription memberships, when they do re-subscribe, you receive a 10% commission.

The full commission program is a 3-tiered structure. Not only will you make a 20% commission on the people you sold products to but also 10% on the sales of those people whom you referred into the affiliate program (your first line referral). This is an incentive to keep in touch with them and help them to sell more of the products. The more successful they are, the more successful you are.

But, that’s still not all. You also make an additional 5% commission on the sales of the people referred by the people you referred (your second line referral). These referrals are also called Sub-Affiliates. This is why, with you and the 2 referral lines, we call it a 3-tier commission program. Don’t forget that there is also a 10% commission to the first/direct seller when a user renews his/her subscription.

So, while you sleep…still earn money! When out having fun at a movie or a party…still earn money! While you are on vacation…still earn money! If sick and in the hospital…still earn money! We think you’ll agree that, without a doubt, this is a revolutionary way to earn money. You are your own boss. Work whenever you want and wherever you want.

Managing Your Sub-Affiliates
An Affiliate Group will be automatically created for you when you register. Also, it will automatically join your new first line Sub-Affiliates to your affiliate group. You can access this affiliate group at the top of the right sidebar of any page of the website. You can also access your Affiliate Program details in your profile by clicking on your picture/avatar.

With your affiliate group you can use our tools to:

  • connect to all your sub affiliates (like you do with Skype, Facebook, etc)
  • send them customized notifications and messages
  • similar to Facebook, follow their activities
  • hold meetings, forums, chats, conference calls, etc
  • share files, pictures, videos

This is a great way to manage your Sub-Affiliate community so everybody can share tips and ideas with each other, be mutually successful, and have fun while doing it.

How Can I Track My Performance?
After you have created an affiliate account, the Affiliate Area when logged in, will now show your affiliate dashboard. There you can:

  • Get your affiliate links for the products as well as for recruiting sub-affiliates.
  • Browse and select marketing collateral/creatives that you can use for sales and promotion purposes…or to get ideas to develop your own.
  • See performance statistics on traffic, visits, clicks, signups to your affiliate links.
  • View earnings/payment status

How do I get paid?
We will send you a deposit of your profits directly into your PayPal account 35 days following the date of the sale. We wait 30 days to avoid any conflicts when dealing with chargebacks. It rarely happens, but every once in a while someone claims not to be the purchaser and that someone else fraudulently used their credit card or some other investigative situation. For sales that came after a telephone conversation or consultation, we will pay commissions much sooner as the chances of a claim of fraudulent payment is very remote.

How does it work?
When you join for free, you will receive your own affiliate ID which you will use in your promotion URL link. It will create a cookie on the client’s computer that will last for 60 days, which means that even if someone, who clicked on your affiliate link to visit us, decides to buy the products up to 60 days later, you will still get the commissions on those sales!

How do I market this product?
As soon as you join, you will gain access to your affiliate control panel where you will find step by step instructions on how to market this product using a proven marketing methods. We will also provide you with banners and text links which you can use in your own marketing programs. Of course, you are not obligated to use our marketing collateral, you can develop your own.

Monitoring your sales and profits is easy. You can do so in real time directly from your personal control panel. It is automatically provided when you log in.