The secret to being creative is that it comes from interactively encouraging idea sharing within a multi-disciplinary group. The idea is to be inspired by things outside of your typical environment. Creativity is not born in a vacuum. It’s the result of collaboration and digging deeper than what most others are willing to do. Creativity will turn you into a superstar at work. If you invest the time and effort, your career will take off and you will be a top 5 percenter, highly valued, earn more, and be happier and fulfilled.

The Creative Ideas Generation Method & Process:

  1. Select the best creativity tools to deploy in your creativity chat room below. Non members can access 4 tools here, while paid subscription members with tools included access (not templates only), when logged in, can access the full set of 29 here.
  2. You need to have your group in place to engage in creative ideas generation. If you haven’t yet set up a group to collaborate, be sure to do so now.
  3. Apply the tools in your group chat room or, if you prefer, use the conference calling feature to collaboratively generate creative ideas. The conference calling feature is one of the tabs in your personal profile.