Use Of Regular Biomass In Nigeria – A Disturbing Development

In accordance to the Electrical power Information Administration, Nigeria is the premier producer of oil in Africa, making over 2.53 million barrels per working day of crude oil and also holds the greatest natural gas reserves in the African continent (9th in the earth). Given these specifics, the instead hard fact is that out of the full energy eaten in Nigeria domestically on an once-a-year foundation, crude oil only usually takes 13% even though natural fuel usage is a meagre 4%. The bulk of power eaten in Nigeria is drawn from common biomass and squander as about 82% is eaten on a yearly basis. This arguably provides a damning image of our vitality profile which the relaxation of the planet will anticipate to be at the very least additional robust and greater diversified.

Broad Useful resource Foundation

About, 95% of Nigeria&#39s gasoline methods are exported to Asia Pacific, Atlantic and European marketplaces in the form of Liquefied Natural Fuel and the West African Gasoline Pipeline also serves as channel for regional fuel exports leaving only a little percentage for nearby usage. Now, the main use of domestic natural gasoline provide is for thermal energy era and cooking applications in the type of Liquefied Petroleum Fuel. It now starts the concern what is the demand accessible for the domestic provide of natural gasoline? Fuel tasks are recognized to be really highly-priced and they call for massive prolonged term capital expenditure so it is only good to expect a reasonable return on capital. Given this and thinking about Nigeria&#39s inhabitants and revenue per-capita, how can we faucet into this substantial source foundation and offer less costly and easier access for domestic use?

For the consumption of crude oil and its derivatives largely for locomotives, cooking and independent electrical power generation, the troubles of pricing and affordability still pose a main obstacle. The then considerably less costy kerosene vast majority of the populace use for cooking is now quickly starting to be pretty unaffordable for the common male thanks to the gross inefficiency and corruption marring the sector. I have read through some new surveys exactly where folks have confessed to purchasing a liter of Kerosene for as large as N250.


After considering the existing concerns experiencing the domestic access to oil and gasoline methods in Nigeria, additional persons now depend on regular biomass as a way of meeting their residential power needs. Historically, the use of regular biomass (hearth wooden, coal and squander) has usually been the most eaten energy source in Nigeria but as time went by, 1 would hope the standing quo to alter given our useful resource foundation and an embargo of licenses in technical expertise. This has not been the circumstance.

As we have witnessed, carbon emissions as a consequence of burning firewood for cooking is extremely dangerous to the surroundings and just one of the main brings about of demise in younger little ones. To set this in point of view, according to the IEA, globally, 1.3 million premature deaths for every yr are instantly attributable to indoor air pollution from the use of biomass, with additional than half of these fatalities kids underneath 5 years of age. In addition, biomass accounts for in excess of 90% of residential energy intake in Sub-Saharan African international locations.

This is pretty an exciting challenge as we are faced with the problem of bridging the hole involving environmental friendliness and economic sustainability. In existing day Nigeria, presented the challenge of paucity of facts, a person can logically think that it would not be a stroll in the park for an ordinary citizen who makes use of firewood and charcoal as indicates of cooking to swap to gas or kerosene. Firewood is cheaper, quick to access and vast majority in rural regions have access to the raw material free of cost that’s why, any progress that will put the slightest strain on their funds will be quickly overlooked.

This scenario poses a huge problem for the Government thinking about the importance of its long term implication on the environment. We are now battling big issues with the intercontinental neighborhood on fuel flaring as we rank next on the checklist of top rated 5 of fuel flaring international locations in the planet (EIA 2012). We also have the trouble of the really toxic carbon monoxide emission arising from the use of generators which is a single of the leads to of the warmth wave in industrialized and densely populated states like Lagos.

WAY Ahead

It is really obvious that the elevated demand for firewood will bring about the latest craze of deforestation to carry on. This routinely piles extra pressure on the ecosystem and contributions substantially to worldwide warming. However, how do we change this pattern all around with out putting more financial strain on the populace?

As daunting as it may well seem to be, the power sector has a essential role to play in reducing our dependence on conventional biomass. Effective energy reforms and the unbundling of the sector with successful price regulation will be a excellent beginning. Affordable and stable energy has often been an eye-catching proposition because of to the assortment of applications it serves.

On oil and fuel usage, offered that the aim of any government is to maximize social welfare, proficiently subsiding the domestic provide of all hydrocarbon resources really should be a crucial part of our power coverage heading forward. Taking into consideration the method in which our government has managed the ability in power costs in the past, folks will be skeptical about its ability to proficiently regulate strength prices even though preserving the sunk complementary financial investment of buyers. We can only hope that a far better structural framework can be put in position to formulate and put into action these insurance policies.

On a final notice, right after delivering a glimpse of what the long term retains if these trends are not checked, the most critical detail is to glimpse for enhanced folks-helpful guidelines to enable really encourage the risk-free use of more cost-effective and cleaner energy resources so we can make our surroundings cleaner and safer to live for several years to arrive.