The Magic Ritual of the Coin Flip

When you have a actually very important conclusion to make, what do you do? I do not know about you, but I use a very deep and intricate magic ritual:

I flip a coin!

Of program I&#39m staying a minor sarcastic right here, but the reality of the issue is that I do resort to a coin flip as a single of my magic rituals of selection when I have to make an essential determination.

Why? For the reason that I figure the Universe knows far better than I which decision best suits my requires and desires, so I enable the coin manual me to the “proper” final decision.

Why Believe in Critical Decisions to This Silly Magic Ritual

This magic ritual certainly seems a small trite for massive decisions, I&#39ll grant you, but you have to see the coin toss for what it definitely is:

A channel as a result of which the Universe communicates with us.

It is a way for the Universe to offer very distinct steering. Right after all, the coin toss can only have two options, heads or tails.

The somewhat silliness of the coin toss also works in its favor. It&#39s silliness can take the pressure off the selection, so to speak. If you use a seriously difficult magic ritual that will take a large amount of planning and a whole lot of work to do, you may well conclude us being much too “invested” in the income. Plus, a ritual that usually takes a great deal of planning offers you many possibilities to “skew” the outcomes with your personal energies of anxiety, worry, and anxiousness.

Most importantly, the coin toss is a indication that you “believe in the approach,” so to converse. By entrusting an critical selection to an completely simplistic magic ritual like the coin toss, you are announcing that you rely on:

1. The Universe to present clear and correct advice

2. Your have potential to stick to that direction

The Coin Toss Magic Ritual Builds Trust

The Universe unfailingly supplies us with obvious and right assistance, but generally the respond to we get is not the a single we needlessly to hear, at least in that minute. So we are likely to 2nd guess ourselves, potentially by tossing the coin a next or 3rd 3rd time, or resorting to a magic ritual which has final results that are much more open up to subjective interpretation, such as meditating with the firebowl.

But if you genuinely want to understand to belief the course of action, consider the coin toss, at least after on a really crucial life choice. If you handle to see the conclusion as a result of, based mostly on advice from the coin toss regular, you will be stunned at the twists and turns of your route, and no question delighted by the outcome.

Dare you chance it? I would hope so … trust is what magic is all about!