Sales Plan and Sales Territory Plan Templates

A sales plan is a document that sets out sales targets and tactics for your business, and identifies the steps you will take to meet your targets. It will help you:

  • define a set of sales targets for your business
  • choose sales strategies that are suited to your target market
  • identify sales tactics for your sales team
  • activate, motivate and focus your sales team
  • budget and clarify steps you will take to achieve your targets
  • review your goals periodically and improve your approaches to sales.

A sales plan sits within, or alongside, a marketing plan to direct the efforts of your sales team.

Most businesses develop or update sales plans periodically – every 6 or 12 months. You should always treat your sales plan as a ‘living’ document that you can revise regularly. Make sure you’re clear on what makes you different from your competitors. Talk to some of your customers and find out why they chose to buy from you—and what could make them switch teams and buy from your competitors instead.

Is your sales process set up to close the quality and quantity of customers you need to reach your company’s growth goals? Does everyone on your sales team follow the same process for qualifying and nurturing prospects? Is your process documented? Is your CRM (customer relationship management) system set up to support your process efficiently and effectively?

There are four(4) important questions you must always ask yourself:

  1. what can I do to reach my target market?
  2. how will I engage my target?
  3. what steps can I take to stay in-touch and relevant to my current customers?
  4. how can I prospect within my existing customer base?

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