Product Marketing Launch Secrets

Your product marketing launch is one of the most important

parts of your marketing strategy. It is also one of the

most exciting times. However if you get this wrong your

business will suffer in a big way. The traditional channels

of doing a product launch are radio, television, ppc, ezine

advertising and banner advertising. These are an effective

way to get your message across. You can also use trade

shows. However I am going to discuss a technique that will

get you almost guaranteed success from the day you launch.

In fact I know of some internet marketers who made over a

million dollar sales on the day that they launched using

this technique.

The specific technique that I am talking about is mind

share grabbing. Let us look at what this involves. It

basically means that you are going to presell your product

to your prospects and existing customers before your

product launches. The way that you can do this is create

curiosity about your product. You can send an email and say

that you are performing an experiment and what the benefits

of your experiment are.

Another technique for implementing this is sending an email

to your existing list with a link to the unfinished sales

page. This creates anticipation for your product launch.

Your existing prospect list will be salivating over your

incompleted sales page. By the time you actually launch

your product they will be ready to buy with credit card

in hand.

Once you master this skill of a successful product

marketing launch your business will definitely take off in

a big way. The sooner you get this right the stronger your

business will become.