MSCONFIG Parameters

Microsoft System Configuration utility or MSCONFIG has been a very helpful utility in virtually all of Microsoft’s operating units. MSCONFIG parameters give you a good deal of options when trying to troubleshoot your laptop or detecting an error.

Its main interface includes tabs that provides the end users options to selectively and non-completely change quite a few startup parameters. Basic tab on MSCONFIG lets you to have essential options for commencing your computer. Three environment are included in this variety together with the default which is the Regular Startup kind, and the other two which are the Diagnostic Startup and the Selective Startup.

The Program.ini and Get.ini were incorporated for legacy compatibility reasons and there is a pretty very little likelihood that you will be utilizing them.

The Boot.ini will allow you to pick out from various options on how you want to get started your pc. You may perhaps pick to boot in SafeMode, or if you will need obtain to the network, you may decide on to boot making use of SafeMode with Networking. It is also advisable not to test or try to use MSCONFIG to edit Boot.ini except you are directed by a Microsoft guidance professional or a technician to do so. The most important capabilities of the Boot.ini are defined beneath. You can select to use any of these features for troubleshooting needs:

• /SAFEBOOT – suboptions for starting off your personal computer
• /SAFEBOOT with Nominal – your computer will start out in SafeMode
• /SAFEBOOT with Network – your laptop or computer begins in SafeMode with Networking assistance

It also consists of other options this kind of as the:

• /SAFEBOOT with Community – hundreds a generic TCP/IP network configuration
• /SAFEBOOT with DSREPAIR – restore Directory Expert services and Area Controllers
• /SAFEBOOT with Small (ALTERNATE SHEL) – makes it possible for you to begin your laptop in SafeMode with Command Prompt
• /NOGUIBOOT – this enables you to begin your laptop with out the VGA movie driver
• /BOOTLOG – allows you debug and troubleshoot startup troubles on your Windows
• /BASEVIDEO – employs a normal VGA video clip driver when you startup your laptop or computer
• /SOS – displays the driver names when loaded.

It also has an Advanced Options display which provides you a lot more alternatives for starting off your computer system, such as the pursuing:

• /MAXMEM – if you imagine your personal computer has a lousy memory chip, you can use this swap so that the amount of memory that Home windows XP can use will be restricted
• /NUMPROC – it limits the quantity of processors utilised when you are in a multiprocessor technique
• /PCILOCK – lets your laptop or computer to use the BIOS configuration for assigning system methods to PCI units.
• /DEBUG – allows you to start your computer system in debugging method.
• /DEBUG with /DEBUGPORT -specifies the communications port to be used
• /DEBUG with /BAUDRATE – species the baud rate to be utilized
• /DEBUG with /CHANNEL – specifies the 1394 communications channel.

The Assistance Tab provides you the solution to disable and enable products and services that masses with your laptop or computer during startup. This is extremely practical when striving to troubleshoot service-relevant glitches or troubles.

The Get started Tab on the other hand will allow you to reduce things from loading when you log in to Windows. You can only deselect these things so that they will not commence with each other with your computer system when you boot it.