Substitute Resources of Finance for Uganda: Mara Launch Fund

One particular of the alternate sources of finance for Uganda is the Mara Launch fund. For numerous Ugandans, specially people beginning out in business with only a strategy, this is a excellent position to commence.

Fundamental facts

Concentrate on: Get started ups and early phase corporations

Sector aim: All

Quantities provided: UGX 5,000,000- UGX 10,000,000

Funding form: Venture capital

Usually means, relatively than offering a loan, the fund can take a % of shares in the company

Important criteria

  • Model can be repeated throughout Africa
  • Profitable business within 3-5 several years (exit period for fund)
  • Robust management

More info

look for on the web for “Mara Launch Fund”

Tel: +256()414 233 700/800

Who is behind the fund?

  • Ashish J. Thakkar CEO,Mara Group
  • Alex Rezida, Partner at Nangwala, Rezida & Co. advocates and
  • Peter Mukiza, Handling Partner in Uganda for Quantum capital.

What is the approach like?

1. Post business plan.The plan should contain data reliable with the important standards for the fund.

2. Introductory meeting. If the fund likes the plan, the investor will fulfill the fund group.

3. Due diligence.This indicates the fund “verifies” the facts introduced in the plan.

4. Term sheet. Doc spelling out the primary conditions and disorders.

My perspective/suggestions for accomplishment in accessing the funds for your business

1. Group:Venture capital funds like Mara know that a excellent staff will produce and apply the concept properly. If you have no internal ability, have a specialist be a part of you so that your plan consists of a solid staff.

2. Executive summary. Buyers are occupied people today and so your summary, typically 1 web page, really should have a person aim in thoughts: “Make them keen to convert the webpages”. In buy to do this, be certain that your executive summary captures vital features of the document such as the team, the amount of money expected, the method, the activities to date and other information and facts that supplies a “snapshot” of your strategy.

3. Repeatable model. The fund is searching for excellent business tips that will transform Africa. Can the business model be repeatable not only in Uganda but potentially Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania?

4. Realize the fund and individuals behind it. A main component of a successful business relationship is no matter whether the two functions “join”. Traders are people today and they normally commit if they like the human being powering it.

In July, I fulfilled Nigel Ball, director of an affiliated entity. He is a very likeable, straight speaking specialist. I can hence hope that the relaxation of the group will be of this mother nature.

Or else, best of luck.


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