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One of the several online jobs that can be undertaken is being an intermediary between the buyers and sellers of online businesses. With the spread of internet and establishment of a large number of internet based businesses, many webmasters would be in the process of winding up of their online businesses and many others will be on the lookout for buying.

The above provides a vast scope for anyone to facilitate the process of buying and selling of internet businesses.

Important points in acting as a broker are the knowledge relating to internet businesses, how they are operating, search engine optimization, skills at valuation of businesses and marketing strategies.

Determining value of a business is one of the most important aspects of being a business broker. While working as such, you will be often asked by website owners to value their businesses.

This demands that you should be able to arrive at the valuation of any online business based upon the traffic to a website, revenue generated, the type of business, future prospects etc. The amount of revenue that a website generates is perhaps the most important aspects of any business valuation.

Other aspects affecting the value of an internet business are the design of a website, content and size.

Thousands of people sell their online businesses everyday and so many others buy these at the same time.

There can be various reasons for people selling and people buying. Most important aspect is the profit motive. Many people indulge in what is called website flipping. In this, many persons will buy a business primarily to improve upon the same and latter resell it at a higher price.

As an internet business broker, you will not only be in a position to work for one time buyers or sellers but also for those whose only job is the buying and selling of internet businesses.

Remember, in this profession, you will only be providing a platform to the sellers and buyers of web businesses. You need to give a fair treatment to all of them.

There will be many other persons who will be looking for buying a specific online business. In order to meet their needs, you will be creating a separate category.

As regards your compensation, you will be getting it mostly as a commission. You will be charging a percentage of the final price of a business that gets sold through your efforts.

You can provide this service all over the world online and through your website. In view of this, you will have to design a suitable website.

This business is time consuming. You may not experience any positive results in a short period of time. This demands patience, development of credibility and trust.

There is good scope for a flourishing career in setting shop online as a business broker.

There are hundreds of other businesses that can be started online. You can get ideas for starting these by doing your own research or buying this information at a small price from those who have already done ground work and generated many leads and explained them in detail.