Due Diligence Travel Agency Acquisition Method

The due diligence assessment (DDR) is a important part of the travel company acquisition course of action.

There are 5 essential aims:

1. Recognize deal-breakers, which, if unresolved could preclude pursuing the transaction any even more:

• Company personnel engaged with conflicting, exterior pursuits

• Financial commitments – work contracts, leases from previous acquisitions, liens, and so on.

• Legal/Regulatory issues- lawsuits, client issues

– High-quality of work

– Questionable accounting

– Questionable expenditures

2. Verify representations acquired from the vendor, this sort of as important assumptions built about workforce, payment, techniques, critical data.

3. Get a a lot more in depth understanding of the business:

• Styles of shoppers

• Business mix

• Sources of revenue

4. Get details critical to negotiating the transaction:

• Salary and advantage information and facts for personnel

• Stock of home furnishings and devices

• Inventory of computer system methods and computer software

5. Determine potential changeover situation or areas of concentration:

• Compensation and advantage concerns

• Technological and workflow course of action challenges

• Other

The DDR is created to guide the Due Diligence Supervisor (DDM) in effectively planning, executing, and reviewing the planned transaction. Next a standardized DDR is crucial to the profitable completion of the evaluation and will make sure that:

• A consistent tactic is utilized by all due diligence workforce (DDT),

• A conventional output (format) is created for every DDR, and

• The duplication of details gathered or requested of the entrepreneurs is eliminated.

The DDM is liable for the overall planning and ultimate assessment of all work and the development of the last report.

Stage I: Meeting/convention contact with Deal Owner, Acquisition Supervisor and DDM


• Talk total vision and strategy of the DDR.

• Share information and facts that has now been attained to eliminate the duplication of data- collecting attempts.

• Identify DDT associates.

Reporting: Recap the discussion/decisions and offer a duplicate to just about every get together.

Section II: Meeting/meeting phone with Acquisition Chief, DDM and DDT Users


• Share new info.

• Critique the want for confidentiality with obtained company contacts and exterior resources (i.e., media).

PHRASE III: Meeting with DDM and Business Owner and/or Main Speak to


• Evaluate the DDR.

• Supply the list of items that the business will need to have to produce.

Reporting: The DDM will full the recap of each get in touch with.

PHRASE IV: Information accumulating course of action begins with the DDM, Crew Associates, and Firm Proprietor & Contacts


• Total the due diligence information accumulating (DDM, Business proprietor/agency division make contact with).

• Entire the “Summary Report” memo (help workforce member).

PHRASE V: The DDM completes the Remaining Report and gives it to the Deal Proprietor and Acquisition Leader.