To Contend Vs to Collaborate

Who desires to contend and be the best? Who needs to collaborate and be one of the finest? Effectively, is there a trouble of not being the best, as an alternative of currently being a person of them?

Egocentric motive is to get the prize by itself. No person but you and all are in envy, then you sense invincible and all. Ha-ha.

Selfless experience is when you are 1 of them– the greatest group. Collaborators are unique breed. They are not the normal kind. In truth, they are types of the type. Kinda inclined to share the honor and glory with the relaxation.

Have you not noticed how men and women all around you behave when there is a probability for them to compete or to collaborate?

Some are inclined to go alone. Other individuals want to go with group. Both way indicates that a single belongs to egocentric brutes or selfless types.

Competition is anything a brute desires. Certainly, to satisfy his longing to be the best, a sort of experience outstanding in excess of the pack, or bunch.

Collaboration is something the entire world needs nowadays, simply due to the fact we have been via problems of getting matured when it will come to demonstrating our very own superiority of may well or what to our fellow beings.

Sad detail is, we forget about that to survive is to stay with other people. Obsolete is the thinking of a tooth for a tooth, and so forth. We have to have every other to live in harmony.

Nary barbaric behavior which is to self-preserve and annihilate other folks can be reasonable an justification for a terrorist.

Nary diabolic want to arise the best without having hurting the individuals along the way to glory and honor.

Yes, you are the victor, but are you truly content with that? Are you not hurt by the way other folks ended up hurting because of you?

Thick-skinned breed in no way encounters sympathy or empathy, whatsoever.