Team Setting up Activity – Mind Spin – Brainstorming, Trouble Fixing, Creative Imagined Advancement

Mind Spin

Goal: Brainstorming, creative thought progress, team problem resolving.

Individuals: 10 – 25 (can be additional or significantly less see under for some variation tips)

Time: 10 – 45 minutes

Supplies: Index Playing cards, Pens or pencils, round tables


Break the team into groups of 3 – 5 contributors. Inquire every crew of 3 – 5 individuals to sit at independent round tables (the round tables aid despite the fact that are not needed).

Spot a large stack of index playing cards in the centre of each round table

Have the subject matter or strategy to be “brainstormed” composed on a white board or electric power position slide – “What can we…? “What can be performed to…?” ex. “How can we greater have an understanding of the requirements of our clients?”, “What can be finished to improve the high quality of this product?”, “How can we increase our throughput?”


Check with each individual workforce of 3 – 5 participants to sit at the tables. Every participant is dealt 5 blank index cards. The remaining cards (~100) are positioned in the heart of the desk.

Explain that this is going to be a brainstorming session that will be unique as well as staff based. In a mind storming session there are no completely wrong or ideal responses and no thought is off limitations.

The members are likely to have two, five moment rounds to write down as numerous methods as achievable on the index cards – just one concept per card (just one notion composed on one card). If they use more than the five index playing cards grab another card from the centre pile.

Right after an plan is written on the index card the participant SLAMS the index card down on the desk confront down to their ideal (facial area down is the facet that the thought is published on). The SLAM is significant – the seem and the vibration of SLAMming the card on the desk provides a tangible emotion to the “Head Spin” that tends to make the activity a lot more exciting!

If at some level a participant cannot think of any alternatives to the topic query they may well grab one particular card from the top rated of the participants pile to their left. They have 3 options ahead of SLAMming the card down to their right

a) Simply SLAM it down to your right after examining it and seize yet another card from your remaining…

b) Go through it, be inspired by it, SLAM it down to the proper and grab a blank card write down your inspiration…then SLAM your strategy card to the appropriate…

c) Study it, include to it with a question or remark, then SLAM it down just before grabbing another card from your still left…

Question the individuals to continue until eventually they listen to the coach whistle, bell etcetera…

At the time round 1 is comprehensive – the facilitator gathers all the strategy index playing cards (from ALL groups) and shuffles them. The facilitator them evenly distributes the strategy index playing cards to the tiny teams. Question the contributors in each and every workforce to distribute the idea index playing cards among staff users and location them deal with down in front of every single participant.

Round 2 – Commences the similar as round 1 – this time if the participant reaches an concept block they grab an strategy index card from the pile in entrance of them – then they SLAM it to their correct. NOT right until all the playing cards from round 1in front of the participant are absent can the participant seize a card from their neighbors pile to the left.

Ask the members to continue until finally they listen to the practice whistle, bell and so on…

When round 2 is accomplished the facilitator gathers all the thought index playing cards.

What does the facilitator do with all people index card ideas?

Examine by them – there will be various duplicates – while reading through by the thoughts the facilitator can generate wide types for even more discussion or decide on the best 10 tips to discuss further.

Facilitation Ideas:

The SLAM makes this “Head Spin” action even far more powerful.

Encourage contributors to keep transferring! This is a fast paced LOUD exercise – if they have no suggestions grab the just one to their left – I have seen strategies make their way close to a desk 10 to 15 periods.

The idea guiding the 2nd round is to genuinely wring out the strategies and to persuade the complete spectrum of thoughts.


This activity can be utilized for numerous uses:

What was obtained from our time alongside one another?

What are we going to do differently in the business office tomorrow?

What type of espresso pot really should we buy for the business?

Wherever is the loved ones going to go this yr on trip?

What are the qualifications for our new associate?

What are your plans and anticipations from this schooling?

Any question or challenge that you and your crew are experiencing (that you desire to have the staff and teams enter on) can be made use of in the Thoughts Spin.