7 Potent Creativity Applications in 1 – SCAMPER

SCAMPER is a single of my preferred creativity tools. It is quick to comprehend and put into practice, and nonetheless may well be fairly strong and effective.

It was produced by Bob Eberle, primarily based on the concepts of Alex Osborn, the originator of classical brainstorming.

SCAMPER is an acronym – with each and every letter representing a various manipulation or query that may possibly be applied to an object, product, provider or approach in buy to deliver progressive versions.

SCAMPER instruments are finest utilised with a “Functionality follows Form” solution. This means that you first manipulate the Form and make variants on the subject matter, without taking into consideration the Function these tips will provide. Consequently, some of the thoughts produced by SCAMPER will feel strange at initially – and then you have to figure out what they are excellent for – and whether or not that purpose is worth developing.

Right here is a small description of how these creativity instruments may perhaps be applied, with some illustrations to make things clearer:

  1. Substitute:
    Ask on your own what components of the product, services or approach may be changed by other factors.
    This may possibly consist of factors, objects, components the product is built of, people today and roles included in a system, etcetera.

    Instance: use children rather of grown ups to greet your cafe visitors.

  2. Blend:
    Look for ways to assemble with each other things which are independent, to combine steps and functions.

    Illustration: when specialists make household services visits – have them recommend updates or exclusive offers to shoppers (e.g. Blend Technician and Sales-particular person).

  3. Adapt/Regulate:
    Make the product or provider or section of it superior suited to its setting or to issues that occur in get hold of with it, or to a precise team of clients.

    Instance: a authentic working phone for small children – more compact grip, humorous ring, vibrant design.

  4. Modify:
    Change the qualities of the product or services to make it much larger, more compact, of diverse shades, tastes, and many others.

    Illustration: artwork pieces of really tiny size, that must be considered with a magnifying glass.

  5. Place to other use:
    Obtain other works by using for the product or service, that are diverse from the primary intention.

    Instance: a pencil or a pen could also be used as a ruler if measures are drawn on its sides.

  6. Get rid of:
    Take away a big perform or part of the product or company.
    This could look odd at first – as we are tempted to offer at any time additional characteristics to items.
    Having said that – often it may perhaps guide to innovative, very simple and sudden products that are significant in need.

    Illustrations: footwear that have no coloration – “see-through” footwear A product that has no fixed price – the consumer chooses how much they would like to shell out immediately after working with it for a trial period.

  7. Rearrange or Reverse:
    Change the order of operation, turn issues upside down, or prepare the factors in a new get.

    Example: an on the web variation of a book in which the chapters are organized in random get, not like the primary printed variation.

Go ahead – start off making use of these Creativity Instruments to generate your personal creative thoughts.