Organizational Composition, Creativity, Innovation

Organizational framework can inhibit or foster creativity and innovation. The dilemma with organizational framework although, is that it is resultant of quite a few variables, like heritage, organic development, strategy, operational style, product range, logistics, marketing, customer base, supplier base and so forth. Thus, what professionals have to have, are not recipes for full structural change, but insights into the attributes of fostering structures that can be adapted into the existing composition.

To begin, it is helpful to analyse the desired structures in opposition to the not so preferred. There are quite a few definitions of types of organizational composition, but a person case in point is:

a)Mechanistic constructions (typically not chosen) – involves centralised command and authority, evidently outlined jobs, vertical communication links, obedience to supervisors, rigidity and inflexibility.

b)Natural and organic constructions (frequently preferred) – decentralisation of authority, jobs loosely defined, horizontal communications, bigger particular person authority, flexible, adaptable.

Experience demonstrates that the earlier mentioned can be misleading. For example, flat organisations are normally most popular and hierarchical ones not favored, however, even flat organisations are in truth hierarchical.

Importantly, if we have a mechanistic construction, what things enable us to shift in the proper direction with no wholesale change?

Some answers incorporate:

a)Direct communication hyperlinks to selection makers.

b)Interaction and info flow among departments.

c)Tangible progression of tips from issue to alternative, product development to commercialisation.

d)Artistic teams performing outdoors but joined into the group, whose society, procedures etcetera diffuse into the existing composition.

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Kal Bishop, MBA


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