Graphology at House – Lesson 30 – The Trait Record AC

The following is a person-pleasant persona index based mostly on the various varieties of handwritings.

o Accuracy: Actual placing of i dots and t-bars. Fantastic spacing.

o Action: Angles, large-pressure, big size, rightward slant agency down stroke, speedy.

o Adaptability: Garlands, curved types, moderate pace, even pressure.

o Adventurousness: Oversized higher and decrease zones but normalized center zone, originality, naturalness, fantastic spacing.

o Aesthetic Sense: Printed letters, specially capitals, fantastic distribution of spaces.

o Aggressiveness: Angles, velocity, weighty pressure.

o Agility: Minimal pressure in blend with a frequent script, velocity.

o Altruism: Right tending movement in the middle zone.

o Ambition: Uneven pressure, pace, massive capitals, rising t-bars, growing strains, extensions into higher and decrease zones.

o Amiability: Fluency, small t-bars, right slope, garlands.

o Analytical Mindedness: Sharp script, very good spacing, simplification.

o Anger: t-bars and terminal strokes hefty, higher and pointed.

o Apprehensiveness: Upstrokes damaged in the Higher zone, variable top of middle zone.

o Asceticism: Sharp, simplified script.

o Assertiveness: Massive capitals, open up ovals, substantial placed t-bars, down or pointed.

o Authority: Exaggerated proper tending bars.

o Balance: Naturalness, originality, fantastic distribution of areas.

o Benevolence: Garlands.

o Broad Mindedness: Small dimensions garlands, upright script.

o Brutality: Terminal strokes broadening, major pressure, irregularity.

o Calmness: i Dots and t-bars evenly put, curves, slowness, even pressure.

o Warning: i Dots and t-bars light-weight and / or prerequisite, original adjustments, closed ovals.

o Ceremoniousness: Large capitals, prospers, artificiality.

o Chattiness: Slim spacing, uneven script with entanglement amongst the lines, a&#39s open at prime.

o Cheerfulness: Specific plating of i dots and t-bars, legibility, standard spacing, even pressure, slowness.

o Cheerlessness: Misplaced or omitted i dots or t-bars, illegibility, irregular spacing, uneven pressure, velocity.

o Chivalry: Massive script, fullness, hefty pressure.

o Clarity: simplification of script, leanness in the higher zone, good distribution of spacing, naturalness, originality.

o Coarseness: Ungraceful sorts, inkblots, large pressure.

o Coldness: Sharpness, still left slant.

o Colorfulness: Ornamentation, fullness, large capitals, significant pressure, originality.

o Conceit: Artificiality, huge capitals, flourishes, in particular in signature.

o Concentration: i dots and t-bars positioned very low, tiny script, vertical slant.

o Self-assurance: Garlands, appropriate slant, increasing strains and Rising t-bars.

o Conscientiousness: Reduced positioned i dots and t-bars, legibility, sharpness.

o Constancy: Frequent script, angles.

o Constructiveness: Use of concave, printed letters, originality.

o Contemplativeness: Undersized higher and decreased zones, standard middle zone, typical script.

o Coolness: Leanness, specifically in the center zone, a slender script with pressure.

o Courage: Major pressure specially with terminal strokes, very good distribution of spaces.

o Criticism: Sharp script, leanness in the higher zone, narrow script with pressure.

o Cruelty: i dots and t-bars major and pointed, terminals pointed and downward, pasty, significant pressure.

o Culture: Excellent spacing, naturalness, originality, printed letters.

o Cunning: Ambiguity blended producing devices with artificiality, upright or still left slant, and slowness.

o Curiosity: Superior positioned i dots and t-bars, letters of center zone stage at the top rated.