Classic Costume Jewelry – Sorting By means of The Pricing Nightmare!

Vintage costume jewellery started showing up in the United States shortly after Globe War I. Brought above from France by returning G.I.’s, the jewelry shortly caught on in The united states. The level of popularity really commenced to explode in the 1920’s with American organizations dominating the landscape. Some of the most common American companies involve:

  • Coro
  • Eisenberg
  • Weiss
  • Coventry
  • Trifari

Also recognized as “trend jewelry”, costume parts can be generically labeled as any jewellery that is not manufactured with precious metals or gemstones whilst also being mass made and marketed for reasonably small expense. Essentially, it grew to become the “low-cost jewelry” alternate to the additional pricey pieces manufactured from gold, silver, and other precious gemstones like diamond or sapphire. Having said that, while costume jewellery may possibly have been low cost to buy when it was first made and offered, some of the rarer items can now command hundreds of bucks. So how does 1 distinguish between the really precious items and these that nonetheless command rather very low value? There are five principal factors that enable ascertain value:

  1. Rarity or Source
  2. Demand from customers
  3. Layout and Originality
  4. Materials and Craftsmanship
  5. Condition


Even though there were a number of suppliers, they generated jewellery in different portions. For instance, significant players like Coro, Coventry, and Trifari generally made 1000’s of parts in every structure. Some of the smaller sized companies like Barclays, DeMario, and McClelland manufactured much more compact volumes creating signed parts from these businesses both of those rarer and additional valuable when the other 4 factors are constant. Consequently, a signed DeMario piece ought to be really worth far more than a in the same way built Coro piece. You undoubtedly will need to do your homework, on the other hand, because even the larger sized producers developed some models in tiny quantities making them additional beneficial than typical pieces from the company.


The value for any product or service is constantly established in significant portion by the actual demand from customers. The better the demand from customers, the higher the price. Having said that, the private taste of a collector is normally irrelevant when it will come to essentially deciding how collectible a piece may possibly or may perhaps not be. Really collectible parts will be individuals that have a fantastic possible for price raise these types of as signed pieces by Miriam Haskell. Discovering which designs are collectible will assist any possible investor find the most effective parts for their jewellery assortment. Yet again, you may perhaps not especially like or even use the most collectible designs but they are most most likely to increase in value.

Style and Originality

When the other variables are held constant, structure and originality will tend to perform a massive job in price determination. A lot more sophisticated collectors will not shun unsigned parts if they attribute an original, significant-good quality structure. In actuality, lots of vintage costume parts are unsigned irrespective of the point that they were being produced by just one of the much larger companies. Spotting primary or excellent styles is 1 of the strategies to determine unsigned pieces. Pretty much all jewellery producers produced at least some excellent layouts. The finest companies continually created costume jewelry of extraordinary style these kinds of as Hollycraft and Florenza. For genuinely primary types, some of the very best pieces to appear for are those manufactured by Miriam Haskell.

Content and Craftsmanship

The quality of the stones plays a significant function in analyzing the value of vintage “trend” jewellery. When none of the stones would be viewed as “precious” in the regular perception, there were corporations that made items making use of top-quality high-quality semi-precious stones, these types of as:

  • Eisenberg
  • Bogoff
  • Weiss
  • Hollycraft

Eisenberg costume pieces are renowned for obtaining exceptional quality stones so it is difficult to uncover something by this company that is not previously substantial-priced until you happen to stumble on an unsigned just one. Pieces by Bogoff, Weiss, and Hollycraft are likely to be underpriced on the industry and thus make a far better investment. Apart from material, the high-quality of metal and craftsmanship participate in big roles in deciding the value of a piece. Organizations recognised to continuously use large high-quality products and craftsmanship contain:

  • Eisenberg
  • Trifari
  • Kramer
  • Monet
  • Danecraft


When dealing with antiques of any sort, affliction is most likely the premier element when it arrives to figuring out value. Dropped stones, discoloration, rust, and excessive scratches or peeling will all lower the value of a piece.