Project Change Management Plan Template

The implementation of a new system will move many people away from the status quo and outside their comfort zone. Most enterprise software implementations incur many cautious or resistant users and a smaller number of users who are adamantly opposed to change. This later group may be initially difficult to recognize as they generally cast doubt in private forums outside of management visibility. If uncontrolled, the hidden agendas and failure to embrace the needed change will significantly challenge the project, and likely result in time and budget overruns.

Examine the corporate culture, solicit and gather user feedback, design the change management strategy and plan, develop the case for change, provide methods and tools, and manage transformation activities and progress. Introducing more change without clear direction contributes to employee anxiety. Introducing change with clear vision, purpose, communication and roadmap mitigates anxiety.

Your project change management plan should include several key elements, including defining how the new technology should affect the organization, crafting a messaging strategy, creating a communications plan, engaging key stakeholders and project champions, and allowing for testing and training. A winning change management plan can help drive the success your project. It should also alleviate concerns that the project will get in the way or add extra work. No one wants to be involved in an unsuccessful project or have a failed project on their resume/CV, so adequate preparation and ongoing governance are critical to ensuring the only project change management experience is a successful experience. The best way to ensure this is to use proven project change management plan templates.


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Change Management Templates
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