Regularity Is the Key to Cultural Change

This heading would seem to be a contradiction in phrases. Is not change all about executing things otherwise, becoming adaptable? Where does consistency appear in?

I was facilitating a group of individuals lately and we have been chatting about the great importance of belief in creating them as a team and in making the culture they needed in the workforce. As a result of extensive dialogue they finished up boiling down the crucial to rely on for them as staying dependable and earning the time.

In that session it struck me nevertheless once again how a lot of a foundation to cultural change, in simple fact any form of change, regularity was.

What is regularity? Consistency is a particular repeatability of behaviour so that folks can forecast how you are heading to respond in any presented circumstance and also know with clarity how they are anticipated to run. If lifestyle is mostly formed by people’s expectations all around how to behave, regular leadership conduct is important.

So how does it work?

I recall going for walks via a workshop with a leader who was lamenting the truth that in spite of repeating the worth of protection, holding normal basic safety conferences, undertaking basic safety audits and the like – all most effective apply components of remaining safe and sound – they nevertheless weren’t obtaining a change in society. “For example” he mentioned, seem at that dude above there, he is not even donning his gloves thoroughly”. At that stage I was baffled and asked him – “how appear you have not claimed anything at all?” and his reaction was very telling “why fear about the small factors when we cannot even get the significant factors proper!” What this supervisor had missed was a considerable instant of fact.

The actuality is that our society is just an amalgamation of a total good deal of tiny moments. Often a huge function arrives alongside such as a natural disaster that significantly shifts how individuals function but this would not sustain, it is focussing on the little things every day that issues.

Was this supervisor erroneous? In point in my experience most managers below respect the relevance of the minor points and the significance of becoming constant every single time.

Some of you could have noticed the online video clip from the 2009 Sasquatch New music Pageant – if not I advocate you have a look at it now out?v=GA8z7f7a2Pk. This online video is a wonderful case in point of the importance of regularity (it is also a terrific example of building a motion). In this clip, just one lone nut dances on a hill for what feels like ages when you initially enjoy it. In point it is only 3 min and 6 sec. In the study course of this time he is joined by 1 then another unique prior to the total group runs down from the hill to sign up for them. What would have transpired if this Lone nut would have stopped for a break and grabbed a drink of water? Nothing! People today would have noticed him as inconsistent, they would have been a lot less drawn to him and no-a single would have been tempted to be a part of him as they would have been concerned he would quit and they would be on their have.

Consistency is crucial to cultural change.

The complexity for leaders is this – each and every selection, every single interaction with somebody, is a second of truth. When I coach leaders and work with leadership groups about how to shift their culture, the things that generally overwhelm them is that lifestyle is not just a HR task it is anything that they do just about every working day. Every finances determination, each functionality discussion that they decide on to have or not have, each behaviour they decide on to dismiss, just about every time they do or you should not walk their personal discuss.

In summary, a single of the essential phrases I use once again and once again with the leaders I work with is this – as a chief, you get what you do and you get what you tolerate.