You should not Stay clear of Failure, But Seek to Obtain Your Vision

The personalized goal of numerous legal professionals and business executives is not to screw up.  They worry continuously that they have designed some mistake which will convey disaster to their scenario or their company.  I counsel that this is fully counterproductive – it is not in in search of safety that we can acquire, but in seeking what is vital. For a law firm that could suggest successful the scenario – not ‘not losing’ but actively searching for to get.  For the business executive that signifies looking for alterations which will consequence in improving competitive advantage, not in in search of to stay clear of possibility.

One of the fundamental details Collins & Porras make in Built to Final is that excellent and long-lasting visionary providers have leaders who don’t basically find to steer clear of failure but have a vision of what is really critical. Here’s a great quotation they use from the prospectus by Masaru Ibuka, the founder of Sony, in 1946:

o We shall remove any unfair profit-trying to find, persistently emphasize considerable and critical work, and not basically pursue growth.

o We shall welcome complex complications and concentrate on highly innovative technical goods that have good usefulness in modern society, irrespective of the quantity involved.

o We shall spot our primary emphasis on capability, efficiency, and personal character so that each individual particular person can show the greatest in capacity and talent.

(1994, p. 50). Every single a single of the firms which have really succeeded in becoming wonderful has a comparable mindset. It is not the avoidance of mistake which issues (some of the finest providers and people today have manufactured tremendous errors), but the reaching for a thing far more. Kanter, as David notes, helps make some of the same details: dishonest management can not be produced excellent by a company ethics statement (such as Enron’s).


Collins, J. & Porras, J.I. (1994). Constructed to Final: Profitable Habits of Visionary Corporations. NY: HarperCollins.