Market Research Data Sources

The market, industry, and company research process includes the systematic identification, collection, analysis and distribution of information for the purpose of knowledge development and decision making. In order to assess the current strategy of a company, and its appropriateness and potential for success, you must understand the dynamics of the industry in which the company competes.  While we often take for granted that this is easy to do, it is hard and does takes a great deal of thought and analysis. We have compiled a comprehensive collection of information and data sources that will make your task far easier.

Ten Steps to Market and Industry Intelligence

Step 1: Identify the Industry

Step 2: Locate Industry Surveys, Overviews & Reports

Step 3: Find Current News and In-depth Articles About the Industry

Step 4: Visit Industry Web sites and Leading Industry and Trade Associations

Step 5: Look for Business-to-Business Marketplaces

Step 6: Make a List of Leading Companies

Step 7: Find Market Share Data and Other Industry Statistics

Step 8: Use Annual Reports from Leading Companies to Gain Industry Insight

Step 9: Compare Company/Industry Norms and Financial Ratios

Step 10: Putting It All Together
The Industry Information Center is designed to be an up-to-date list of the most important sources for industry analysis. Now that you are familiar with the key databases and selected Web sites that are important for industry research you can use the Industry Information Center as a short cut to industry information. When the Library acquires new databases they will be posted on this guide.

We have put together a comprehensive collection of company and industry research sources to provide you with current facts, intelligence, benchmarking, and other critical information for analysis excellence.


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