100 Creative Presentation Strategies

Creative Presentation Concepts – It’s Showtime!

Mentioned down below are just 3 of the 100 creative presentation ideas you can use to make your presentation unforgettable. You could use these creative presentation tips when speaking to possible traders, at management message boards, conference lectures or with your colleagues, workers, or any other presentation you have to make.

Just about every creative strategy is described in the adhering to format:

  • Essential description of the creative presentation thought
  • What for? significant benefits of the strategy, or how it may well be made use of
  • Variants on the creative notion: how you can adapt the idea to different configurations, aims and audiences
  • Responses: matters you really should pay out notice to when using the creative strategy

Nicely, right here arrives the to start with creative presentation notion:

Creative Presentation Notion #1:

Description: Do not use titles in your slides

What for?

  1. Notify the viewers that you still left out the presentation titles deliberately in order to see if you could produce your major factors clearly
  2. When employing the presentation as a finding out support in a workshop, if your audience is necessary to comprehensive the titles, they will have to consider about what you are educating and actively participate in the discussion


  1. Leave the titles out for only some of the slides – perhaps the types that will be utilized for a review of the presentation so much, or to cause a dialogue on a controversial challenge
  2. Compose only half of the title, and request your audience to finish it


  • You can use a printed “total” model of the presentation for by yourself, so you can see the titles you intended to use

The creative concepts I suggest are of distinct types and stages. Some are crazier than many others. You should select the 1 that greatest fits your presentation wants. Do you want to make a seriously daring statement? In this article is a extra outrageous plan:

Creative Presentation Thought #75:

Description: Current the presentation blindfolded!

What for?

  1. You could certainly demonstrate your know-how of the matter and a very good memory talent as well as self-self confidence by utilizing this notion
  2. Use it to add some humor to your presentation: after you put the blindfold on, intentionally make some humorous issues when referring to the slides, and only then show them that you know what you’re speaking about…


  1. Put the blindfold on for just a small element of the presentation, when you want to make a extraordinary effect
  2. Provide blindfolds for the members, so their sense of hearing will be heightened and you could check their memory right after a handful of slides!


  • Get care not to offend people with disabilities (e.g. blind people, etc.). Use this method when you are specified you can do so tactfully and with great flavor

As you could have observed by now, these creative presentation ideas do not rely on an remarkable awareness of Energy Level, or on unreasonable output expenditures. Really, in some of the tips you never even have to use Electrical power Position at all!. This is a single:

Creative Presentation Notion #31:

Description: Have a painter/caricaturist assistant –
drawing pictures/cartoons on a flip chart as you reveal

What for?

  1. This would make your presentation “live” on the go. As a substitute of utilizing slides, the sketches would visually convey the important points you are attempting to get through. For case in point – when you discuss about the tricky undertaking lying in advance, a simple drawing of mountaineers climbing up a steep mountain would etch that image in the viewers head.
  2. A caricaturist could add a touch of humor to your presentation with funny images and hints


  1. If you have the talent – you could draw the sketches yourself as you converse.
  2. If you can find an digital drawing pad – you could use it and show the drawings on a screen as they are drawn.
  3. Alternatively – question some of the participants them selves to support you and attract these illustrations or photos on the flip chart as you converse.
  4. You could put together and give the contributors a comedian ebook with the crucial matters you talked about.


  • Make sure there are enough flip chart webpages you could use, and that all people can see them nicely.
  • Rehearse the presentation with the painter and the listing the important subjects you are going to speak about so that s/he would have time to assume about how to make meaningful and relevant drawings.
  • Below are a couple of pointers on exactly where to locate the person to attract for you: search for large university or college artwork pupils who wish to follow and reveal their expertise for a compact fee or no cost of charge talk to around for other staff members that have that expertise and are inclined to give a hand. Of course, if the presentation is worth the investment, you may possibly always use a experienced caricaturist.