Raw Freeze-Dried Ostrich Treats for Pets: One Component, All-American, 100% Heart, Liver, Gizzard

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(as of Jan 11,2019 03:29:35 UTC – Information)

Solitary ingredient: 100% American ostrich heart, liver, & gizzard. That is it! *If rehydrated, a one bag has equivalent of almost 1 pound of uncooked meat* Humanely lifted: No hormones or antibiotics Ever and a vegetarian diet of the best quality food items All-American: Born, raised, harvested, and packaged in Ada County, Idaho WHY OSTRICH? It really is the most environmentally sustainable pink meat protein in the planet. Pound for pound, ostrich creation necessitates considerably considerably less water, land, and feed and they emit only a fraction of the greenhouse gases as classic livestock. Pet treats are just one of a lot of premium solutions from this amazing animal – we never squander Everything.