Aquatica Yard Vegetable Eco-friendly Organic and natural Chinese Seeds 20g(300PCS) for Planting Exterior Door for Cooking Dish Soup Flavor Very good Delectable (5G Jicama/Yam Bean Seeds for Present)

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Dietary worth

H2o spinach is alkaline food stuff, and contains potassium, chlorine and other things to adjust the h2o stability, after feeding on can lower the intestinal acidity, prevention of intestinal flora imbalance, effective to cancer. Incorporates niacin, vitamin C can cut down cholesterol, triglycerides, with lipid-reducing influence of body weight loss. Sprinkler in the chlorophyll has a “green wizard,” stated, can be cleanse teeth to stop caries in addition to poor breath, bodybuilding skin. The articles of crude cellulose in the spinach is abundant, which is composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, mortar and pectin. It has the rewards of advertising peristalsis and purging.

Cooking skill

1. Wash the spinach
2. Reduce the dish into a section of three or four centimeters
3. Put the oil in the pot, warmth the up coming 50 % of the garlic, stir-fry flavor
4 beneath the spinach, stir fry a several periods, stir fried veggies leaves wilting, and then insert the proper quantity of salt, the relaxation of the standard garlic thrown into the function&20 GRAMS:ABOUT 300 SEEDS and 5g Jicama/Yam Bean Seeds for Reward.
&The selection is created of the world’s only High Good quality Substantial Generate Easy TO Grown Vegetable Seeds
&Germination rate: 85% – Purity: 96%
&PLANTING Points:Seeds in about 15 ℃ started to Germinate, the Development temperature of 20 ~ 35 ℃. Light to be enough,BUT the adaptability of dense planting is sturdy, is a brief daylight sort
&Oriental Vegetable Chinese Environmentally friendly Organic Vegetable