Simple House Treatments: 75 Specific Dishes, Beverages, Compresses and Other Apps

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Primary Residence Solutions points out how popular, daily meals, which include full grains, beans, veggies from land and sea, fruits, seeds, and nuts, seasonings and condiments, and other plant-centered foods can assist reduce typical signs this sort of as fever, cough, swelling, fatigue, weak point, stress, and menstrual irregularities, as properly as more major serious situations this sort of as coronary heart sickness, tumors, diabetes, and arthritis. The data offered in this ebook represents the most up-to-date application of macrobiotic health care and therapeutic. The 75 house cares in this guidebook include: • Brown Rice/Miso Plaster for simple burns and cuts • Ginger Compress to activate blood circulation, decrease aches and pains, and disperse stagnation and blockages • Shiitake Mushroom Tea to decrease fever, aid dissolve deposits of animal protein and fats, and take it easy a tense ailment • Sweet Vegetable Consume for mood swings and lower blood sugar • Sesame-Ginger Oil Rub for pain in the muscle groups and joints Bettina Zumdick, Alex Jack, and Edward Esko are macrobiotic instructors, counselors, and administrators of Planetary Wellness Inc.. Visit their web sites: and