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    Team, at our next creative ideas brainstorming session, let’s not forget:

    You are in a creative environment when:
    1. Your ideas are listened to and investigated before being judged.
    2. You feel appreciated when you suggest new ideas.
    3. You can suggest solutions without feeling like you are intruding.
    4. You are not observed or judged all the time.
    5. Experimental methods are encouraged.
    6. You feel comfortable talking with anyone in your organization (top managers included).
    7. You feel comfortable talking to your subordinates without having to order them about.
    8. The generation of good ideas is rewarded, verbally or otherwise.
    9. You are treated with respect and as someone who can contribute to the organization.
    10. You are appreciated for what you do.
    11. You are appreciated for who you are.

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