[Organic Shop] 100% Natural Cotton Toddler Stuffed Animal Pet Puppy Doll

Cost: $23.99
(as of Jan 11,2019 18:24:35 UTC – Aspects)

● Item Measurement
*Length: 30 cm (11.8 in) *Head width: 8 cm (3.15 in)

5 options of your natural solution

*Grown from soil that has been free of pesticides and substances for at minimum 3 many years. The merchandise is designed devoid of genetically modified materials (No GMOs).

*Cultivated in a environmentally welcoming manner devoid of use of chemical herbicides.

*Eco-pleasant and built without the use of chemical dyes.

*Free of chemical pesticides – pure helpful insects such as lady bugs are utilised to preserve absent hazardous bugs from the crop.

*Cotton is harvested by hand without use of defoliants.

3 NOs – No pesticides. No bleaches. No fluorescents.

3 Shades – Natural colours without the need of chemical dyes. Ivory/Brown/Inexperienced.

3 A long time – Developed from soil that has been free of pesticides and chemical compounds for at minimum 3 decades.

How to wash natural doll

*No device clean. Hand wash only with environmentally welcoming laundry detergent.

*Hold dry. Do not use dryer.

*Do not use fabric softener or bleach Arms and legs are loaded with beads, which are wrapped to assist avert choking. However, supervision is required when this products is applied. Acquire care to stop cuts and sharp objects as beads could grow to be choking hazard.

Certificates of organic and natural authenticity

*The World wide Natural and organic Textile Common (GOTS) addresses the use and processing of natural fiber, as effectively as social, environmental and good quality conditions. GOTS is a voluntary processing typical produced to perform towards bringing global uniformity to sustainable textile processing.

*OE 100: Certifies products produced with 100% natural and organic fiber that have been tracked by way of the manufacturing chain and segregated to reduce commingling with other fibers.

Products of South Korea. Made in Vietnam.Features: There are only 3 colours in mother nature: brown, ivory, inexperienced. “Organic” toys a lot more than these hues are total of fluorescent product to dye. And as you can see, Blessnature’s stuffed animals have only 3 colors.
Proportions: 12 x 4 inch (length x width)
Good quality: Organic cottons are risk-free. That’s why your Blessnature dolls are harmless. Remember to welcome your new Natural pal from South Korea: Risk-free, trustworthy and often be there when you will need.
Components: It looks difficult outdoors at first, but softer than anybody. Since it is produced of 100% pure raw organic cotton with out any genetic mutations.
Let us BE Executive VICE PLEASIDENT FOR World-wide Joy: We share content lifetime with human beings by healthy products and solutions, that is the Blessnature Promise