Yoga Meditation Techniques and Exercises

When one mentions “yoga”, many images may be conjured up. Perhaps you get an image of flower children from the 60’s sitting in a circle with their legs in impossible positions chanting “Ohm” around a huge candle in a poorly lit room. Yoga is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries. Over the years, it has risen in popularity as a way to stay fit, get in touch with one’s inner self, and keep a balance of sanity in a sometimes insane world. While yoga did come to popularity in the 60’s with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who popularized Transcendental Meditation (TM) in the 60’s, because he was associated with the Beatles, yoga practitioners have brought the ancient practice to the forefront of wellness in recent years.


Topic     Page No.
Introduction 3
What is Yoga 5
Why Do Yoga? 7
Types of Yoga 9
Getting Ready 15
Beginning Your Workout 19
Easy Pose 19
Downward Facing Dog 19
Sun Salutations 21
Tree Pose 23
Extended Triangle 24
Seated Forward Bend 26
Bound Angle Pose 28
Wide Angle Seating Forward Bend 30
Full Boat 31
Bridge 32
Legs Up The Wall 34
Corpse Pose 36
Meditation 38
Universal Mantra Meditation 41
Relaxation Meditation 43
Energy Healing Meditation 44
Color Healing Meditation 44
Centering 46
Desktop Yoga 47
Yoga For Headaches 50
Child’s Pose 51
Standing Forward Bend 52
Yoga for Menstrual Cramps 53
Reclining Bound Angle 54
Upward Bow 55
Seated Twist 55
Yoga for Depression 55
Headstand 56
Head To Knee Forward Bend 58