Ways to Relieve Arthritis Right Now



The single biggest impact to dealing effectively with arthritis is lifestyle changes tied to all of the elements we have been discussing. Since some elements of involving natural treatments will also involve lifestyle changes, we have saved this portion of the four step plan for last because it opens up into a large assortment of simple things that can be done daily, weekly and monthly to both support pain management and begin to eliminate arthritis flare-ups.


No matter how bad you think your arthritis is, benefiting from additional mobility and flexibility is more matter of choice and you think. 

Most people believe that if they have arthritis it is a condition they simply must accept and live with. Part of this is reduced mobility. Well, the opposite is actually true. The more you begin to move and to stretch, by involving yourself in additional forms of exercise; you will begin to notice something truly amazing.

Your arthritis symptoms are beginning to lessen and flare-ups begin to vanish. You will see improved flexibility as well and being able to have more endurance when it comes to performing physical activities.

Our bodies are truly amazing. As we begin to exercise on a regular basis, changes happen that actually can improve our health and help us to both manage pain and reduce on an overall basis, issues related and triggers that create arthritis flare-ups. Of course the kind of exercise that you should perform and its limits should be determined between you and your doctor and / or your physical therapist.


While the term strength training may sound like you are preparing for an Olympic decathlon, it actually means taking time to do load bearing and weight-bearing activity. Because this particular lifestyle change is effective at helping older Americans dealing with a variety of aging issues including arthritis, we separated it from flexibility and mobility to highlight its benefits.

In fact, strength training can benefit people of all ages. Not only will your physical appearance improve, muscle mass, muscle strength and overall endurance will also follow.

Not only is this good for older individuals on a regular basis, strength training can actually extend the time that you will be able to walk and ambulate effectively, well into your 80’s and beyond.

Weight-bearing activities are of particular benefit to senior citizens who suffer from brittle bones, balance issues and weakness as they age.

Weight-bearing and weight lifting has been shown to counteract the effects of slips and falls in seniors as well, which is the number one leading cause of complications leading to death in people over the age of 65.

Finally strength training acts as a fountain of youth. Because the body is forced to remain strong and healthy joints and cartilage tend to remain in better condition if supplementation is also added while exercising.


We discussed earlier the importance of adding proper nutrition especially supplementation to your diet to improve your health. High organic doses of raw foods are critical for dealing with anti-inflammatory issues such as arthritis. Because most people cannot consume the amount of food necessary to keep themselves in optimum health, one of the easier and more effective ways for providing high doses of raw nutrition is juicing.