The Secret of How to Make Jewelry For Yourself or to Sell

Creating irresistible jewelry takes a lot of hard work and imagination to both to the designers and makers. They often dedicate their time in preparing for the most eye catching designs they could ever create to attract the buyer’s attention. Designers and makers consider a lot of things before they create their masterpieces. They choose the perfect materials for the right designs to attain exceptional results from their works.

Designers and makers feel a certain joy every time they created a magnificent piece. Creating irresistible jewelry needs a lot of creativity, perseverance and even patience. Sometimes, designer and makers failed too in making their designs. But because of their perseverance to comply on the market demand today, they strive to do their best. Now it’s all up to the buyers on how they are going to choose the right jewelry for them that will suit their features and budget.

Table of Contents (132 pages)

PART I: Creating Irresistible Jewelry
Jewelry Making and Beading
History of Beads
Different Kinds of Beads and Its Definitions
Different Kinds of Gemstones and Its Definitions
Decorating Jewelry and Beads
Making Magic with Beads, Crystals, Pearls and Stones
Setting Up your Workshop

PART II: Discovering Simple Jewelry Making Techniques
Uncovering the Simple Secrets of Stringing and Knotting
Different Stringing and Knotting Jewelry Projects
Discovering the ancient art of bead weaving
Different kinds of Ancient Art Bead Weaving
Different Wire Wrapping Jewelry Projects
Common Jewelry Mistakes to Avoid

PART III: Implementing Design Ideas, Trends, and More
Jewelry for Every Occasions
Creating Fun, Funky Jewelry for Everyday Wear
Everyday Jewelry Projects
Crafting your Own Evening, Bridal and Holiday Jewelry
Evening Jewelry Projects
Bridal Jewelry Projects
Holiday Jewelry Projects
Chapter II Ethnic Jewelries
Ethnic Jewelry from Different Ethnic Groups
and Its Definitions
Using Antique Beads in Making Jewelry

PART IV: Building on your Jewelry Making Hobby
Jewelry Making, In Demand Trend
Decorating with Jewelry and Beads Projects
Jewelry with Kids Projects
Hosting a Jewelry Making Party
Turning your Hobby into a Business

PART V: Resources for Jewelry Supplies and Materials
Bead Shops
Lists of Bead Shops (online stores)