The Healing Art of Aromatherapy


Chapter 4:
Using Aromatherapy Effectively Synopsis

Aromatherapy has become very popular today. Though it is still mostly linked to idea of a relaxingly therapeutic massage session, newer uses are now being explored. In ancient times aromatherapy was used for almost everything from relaxing to health solutions and even for culinary preparations. A lotneeds to be understood before embarking on the journey of aromatherapy.

What You Need To Know

If one is thinking of setting up an aromatherapy centre or even considering the use of aromatherapy to treat a certain medical condition, the buying of the essential oils is a crucial aspect to consider.

Most essential oils today are so commercialized that it may not always be as genuine as stated on the labels. Careful examination of the label contents needs to be checked and rechecked before a purchase is made. Some labels can be quite deceiving in their purported capabilities. The condition and type of packing of the essential oils is also a very

important feature that should be considered. Ideally there should not be any cracks or broken seals as this will contribute to the contamination of the purity levels of the oils.

Besides all this, the other important fact to consider is getting the best results through the method and choice of essential oils. Meaningsome essential oil work better when used the correct way and the best results are assured if the recommended way is not taken for granted but adhered to carefully.

The method of inhalation is used to treat certain ailments like sinuses, headaches, colds, chest congestions and other similar conditions. This method is far more effective and quicker than taking oral or direct application on the skin. Spraying a mixture of essential oils and distilled water is another method used to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This method has proved to be beneficial when treating anxiety, depression, stress and other pressurizing conditions.

Some conditions call for direct applications. However as most aromatherapy massage session are performed with direct skin contact, the concentration of the essential oils needs to be considered before commencing. Reason being that these essential oils could cause an allergic reaction to the individual.