Reviews of the Most Popular Diet Techniques

There are many reasons for the popularity of diets. Firstly, there is a definite paucity of nutritional content in the routine diet that we consume today. This is caused due to our hectic lifestyles which cause us to falter on our mealtimes and makes us resort to junk foods. Also, there is the fact that the food quality itself has degenerated due to the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. But, most importantly, there is a gross ignorance about nutrition. Most people just do not know what it means to eat well.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:
Getting Started with a Diet

Chapter 2:
Low Carb (No Carb) Diets

Chapter 3:
Women’s Health Look Good Naked Diet

Chapter 4:
Prevention System’s Flat Belly Diet

Chapter 5:
Weight Watchers International’s Pro Points Diet

Chapter 6:
Mike Geary’s Truth about Abs Diet

Chapter 7:
HCG Diet

Chapter 8:
Diet Supplements for Weight Loss

Chapter 9:
Diets that Provide Food Supplements

Wrapping Up