Proven Homemade Natural Cures For Hangovers

Okay, so you had fun with your friends last night and drank a bucketful of alcohol. However, this morning you found it hard to wake, your head was pounding like a pneumatic drill and you were feeling more than a little nauseous.

And what was wrong with you? A hangover that’s what!

The term ‘hangover’ may not be familiar to everyone, but for many of us, it’s a word that brings a chill to the very thought of waking up in the morning, still tired with an aching body, a headache, feeling nauseous and with a mouth dryer than the sole of an Afghanistani’s flip-flop. Yet, most people don’t even think about the consequences while out partying with friends and family.

“No Nay Never – No Nay Never No More!”

It’s a claim many of us have made the morning after the night before, while suffering with a skull-pounding hangover. Unfortunately, this vow is often short-lived and is particularly hard to maintain during the festive and holiday season. (People tend to increase their alcohol consumption during the holidays when there are more parties).

The most important message of course is that people shouldn’t drink too much in the first place, because a hangover is just one negative consequence of excessive alcohol intake.

There are numerous other downsides, which can be very serious, such as loss of control over emotions, anger or moroseness and poor decision-making. Drinking too much in a single night can result in fatal alcohol poisoning. In other words, you can literally drink yourself to death.

In this book, you’ll discover…

Why we get hangovers?
How we can avoid them?
How bad it can get?

And what we can do when we have one?
Plus, a few ill-advised cures from around the globe…
We’ll try to answer all these questions in an unreserved, clear-cut manner and hopefully, without falling off the bar stool!

1. Introduction
2. What is a Hangover?
3. The Symptoms of a Hangover
4. The Causes of a Hangover
5. The Direct Effects of Alcohol
6. X-Factors
7. How to Cure a Hangover
8. Mary, Bloody Mary
9. Get Down & Get With It
10. Water or Sports Drinks
11. Painkillers
12. How’d You Like Your Eggs, Fried or Boiled?
13. Banana Milkshake & Honey
14. Get Your Bouillon On
15. Fruity Fruit & Fruit Juice
16. Honey, I’ve Drunk the Fridge!
17. A Toast to your Recovery
18. Vitamin C
19. Go Sleep It Off
20. A Hearty Grill
21. Drink MORE Ale
22. Vitamin B
23. Don’t Make a Pact with the Devil, just yet!
24. Peppermint
25. Pickle Juice Anyone?
26. Oysters
27. Cookies & Soda
28. Coconut Water
29. Eat Something Before You Go Out!
30. Rooibos Tea
31. Chocolate Milk
32. Bifidus Powder
33. A Stitch in Thyme
34. More Wacky Cures from Around the World
35. Hangover Myths
36. To Summarize