Proven Effective Pregnancy Nutrition

Proper pregnancy nutrition is a vital factor in proper fetal development because the fetus is physically incapable of providing for itself, nor can it show any visible signs of malnourishment between monthly check-ups as a newborn can. That means that for the next nine months it’s going to be completely up to you to ensure that you are properly eating for two, taking in the vitamins and nutrients that are going to help you give birth to a healthy, happy baby while keeping yourself healthy at the same time.

Remember, baby’s going to take what it needs long before those nutrients ever have the opportunity to go through your system. By not eating properly you’re not only harming your baby, you’re harming yourself as well. That’s why it’s so important that you make sure you get the vitamins and nutrients that you need for the next nine months as well. Lack of attention might still lead to a healthy baby, but baby’s not going to change themselves! Mom needs to be healthy too in order to keep up with her little bundle of joy in the coming months. Giving birth is hard enough on the body. You certainly don’t want to add malnutrition into the mix.

Table of Contents
Introduction ….3
From A to Zinc ….5
Calories ….9
Caloric Intake During Pregnancy ….9
Caloric Intake While Nursing ….11
Healthy Calories Vs. Unhealthy Calories ….11
Recap-Necessary Vitamins and Their Sources ….14
How Much is Too Much? ….15
Mommy’s No-No List ….17
What if You Can’t Eat a Regular Diet? ….19
Food Allergies and Intolerance ….19
Veganism/Vegetarianism ….21
Dislikes ….22
Post-Partum Diet-Dropping Those Pounds! ….23
Exercise ….26
When NOT to Exercise when Pregnant ….27
Post-Partum Exercise ….28
Conclusion ….28