Polarity Therapy Healing

In this therapy, health is regarded as a reflection of the status of the
energy field, and therapeutic techniques are designed to equilibrate
the field for a health advantage. There are three sorts of energy fields
in the human body:

Long line streams that run north to south on the body; transverse
flows that run east and west in the body; and spiral flows that begin at
the navel and expand outwards.

In the healing arts, polarity therapy is peculiar in its comprehensive
exploration of the different attributes of the human circumstance
(physical, mental and emotional). It seeks to span the full spectrum of
body, mind and spirit: the body is configured by nature to cure itself.
Polarity therapy helps in that natural occurrence. Implementing the
polarity therapy system of rules may take diverse forms, constantly
based on the fundamental intention to support the client’s built-in
self-healing intelligence as conveyed in its energetic blueprints.
Polarity therapy was formulated by Dr. Randolph Stone, who
conducted an exhaustive investigation of energy in the healing arts
over the run of his long medical career.

Drawing on data from a broad range of references, he discovered that
the human energy field is impacted by touch, diet, motion, sound,
mental attitude, relationships, life experience, injury and
environmental factors.