Man’s Guide and Preparation For Being in the Baby Delivery Room

The pending arrival of a baby is a wonderful time! It doesn’t matter what the circumstances, when a new baby comes into the world, it is a true miracle. As is expected, much of the focus in the delivery room is on the woman. After all, she is the one who is enduring the pain of childbirth. What many people don’t consider is that the men in the delivery room have their own issues as well.

Years ago, men weren’t allowed in the delivery room. Guys were relegated to the waiting room, left to pace a hole in the floor as they waited for their offspring to be born. Today, however, there has been an enormous shift in tradition, with 90 per cent of dads now taking a hands-on approach in the birthing process. The journey begins not only with conception but with choosing the nursery furniture, picking out names, and taking Lamaze classes. Even with the best of training, guys may still feel out of place when attending the birth of a child. With the advent of birthing rooms taking the place of the sterile operating room, grandparents, uncles, friends, and even siblings are invited into the birth experience.

Introduction 3
Changing Roles 5
Stages of Labor 8
Once At the Hospital 13
Your Role in the Delivery Room 15
Comfort Measures for Her 19
Labor Tool Kit 24
Pain Medications 26
Pain Relievers 27
Epidural 28
Delivering the Baby 30
Episiotomies 32
The Baby Arrives 34
Procedures for the Baby 37
Reasons for a Cesarean Section 38
Guy’s Guide to a C-Section 42
Deciding to Be There or Not 45
Conclusion 48