Lucid Dreaming Therapy – Facts & Myths

The lucid dream normally begins in any one of the two known ways.
These complicated sounding scenarios are really quite entrancing.
For instance, a dream initiated lucid dream otherwise referred to as
DILD starts out as any normal dream would, then when it concludes
it does so in the same dream state, whereas the wake initiated lucid
dream WILD occurs when the dreamer goes from the normal waking
state directly into a dream like state with no apparent lapse of

The rapid eye movement that usually in detected when a person is
asleep signifies these states of lucid dreams. Upon discovering this
connection, further tests were done by the various research bodies.
Though not really very conclusive, most parties agree that the
dreamer can produce lucid dreams and manipulate the contents while
being conscious of being in the dream like state. With this exciting
discovery between the dream and the dreamer many more researches
are currently being carried out to further explore the tremendous
possibilities in this area.

Though some psychologists are already using this method to treat
their patients, the accredited evidence is not enough for everyone to
follow suit. These psychologists have recommended the lucid dream
inducement to combat the impact of nightmares, depression, self
mutilation and other problems in the real world.