Hypnotherapy Healing – Facts & Myths

We all recognize that the body requires the correct vitamins and
minerals to maintain wellness. All the same, there’s one other vital
part of the picture that’s frequently missed.

Your immune system and healing mechanism requires rest and
positive expectation to work at their best.

Engaging in hypnosis whilst your body is mending itself will:

• Supply regular, deep, rejuvenating relaxation to refresh your
mind and body
• Supply optimum conditions for your immune system to work
with efficiency
• Provide you positive suggestions and healing mental imagery
• Provide you a break from the stress of illness
• Make you feel better if you feel sick, tired or run-down

Hypnosis shouldn’t be used as a substitution for appropriate medical
intervention, but rather as part of a full recovery program.
Complete the picture and provide your body and mind what they
require to heal best.