How to Stop Snoring


Snoring Treatment

Over 300 patented products ranging from medicines, oral appliances and devices for nasal congestion and snoring are up for grabs in the market. Though these are all patented, not all promise good results. You may be wasting so much of your money without the expected results you are hoping to get.

It is always best to be guided by the professional. Seek the advice of your ear, nose, throat specialist or otolaryngologist for proper medication and this will only depend on the diagnosis of your doctor. Mild snoring only requires self-help solutions but chronic snoring may need more advanced procedures involving surgery. Solution does not come in by just letting yourself undergo one solution or treatment. You may need a series of sessions and combination of treatments available for snoring.

Here are some of the treatments you may access in the market and in your nearest physician:

  1. Medicines
  • Chewable tablets – this medication is only effective for the mild snorer and those under 180 lbs in weight. For children over the age of five, they can suck or chew the tablet while they are lying on the bed. If there is a recorded improvement, kids can already start using it every night until they no longer needed it. In case adults of more than 180 lbs want to try its affectivity, they can chew 1 tablet 30 minutes before bedtime and again at bedtime. If improvement is noticed, adults can begin to make it their daily evening habit. Available in the market at $10.34.
  • Sprays and doses – there are products in the market like these sprays can give snorers fast relief and sometimes with bonus to those who have respiratory allergies. Some are sprayed directly in the mouth or through the nostrils. When sprayed in the mouth, three pumps are required to complete one dose and this should be repeated 4-6 times daily until some improvement is evident. For adults, they are required three complete pump sprays. For children ages 2-12 years old, they need two complete pumps and newborns, 1-2 years old, only one complete spray. You can buy it at $5-$10.00.
  1. Oral appliances and devices
  • Nasal strips. If you notice the white, adhesive strips attached to the noses of some athletes, this is what you call nasal strips. This is anything but fashion instead it is used for easy breathing and relief from nasal congestion due to allergies and colds. The strip holds the nose in place to increase the nasal airways. Both sides of the strip are flexible and spring-like which allows the adhesive hold the nose in place. This is applicable for those with average or above-average nose size. Warning: never use the strip for more than 12 hours and you can be prone to skin rashes since the strip is made up of natural rubber latex. Available in drugstores for $4.49.
  • Dental devices. These are some form-fitting mouthpieces that allow to position the tongue and soft palate forward. This helps keep the nasal passages open. If you opt to use these devices, you are required to visit your dental specialist at least once every six months in the first year of use and after that at least annually so he can check the fit and whether your condition is improving or worsening.

Medicines and treatments are easily accessible in the market. One suggestion though is to maintain professional guidance from your specialist to acquire the proper medication for you.