How to Sell Anything to Anyone – Product, Job Interview, Dating, Ideas – Anything!

Yes, you read that right. If you are trying to sell anything to anyone, you can streamline the whole process into just seven important requirements. If you use them in the right amount and at the right time, you are certain to sell anything to anyone, probably even a refrigerator to an Eskimo!

Requirement # 1 – Making the Right Background
Setting up for the sale is the most important. If you are able to pep your potential customer up to their maximum, they won‟t be able to wait till they buy from you.

Requirement # 2 – Making Your Product Seem Important
People won‟t buy things that aren‟t important to them. So, you need to harp on your product‟s utility. Go all over town telling how undeniably useful your product is, and a lot more people will be interested in it.

Requirement # 3 – Making Yourself Important
All right, so your product is useful, but why should they buy from you? Why are you better than the competition? You have to tell your customers that. You have to tell them why you and your product are better for them than what the competitive market is selling.

Requirement # 4 – Setting Off the Alarms
Make people understand that this is so great an offer that it won‟t persist for long. Ask them to act fast. Give them a limited time discounted offer or something. This sense of urgency brings in better sales.

Requirement # 5 – Giving Things Away
If you give away free gifts, it might set you back momentarily. But it can be a great thing for you in the long run, ensuring continued sales.

Requirement # 6 – Committing Yourself
Make these people understand that you will be there for them even after you have sold the product. This gives them a guarantee.

Requirement # 7 – Continuing to Hold Their Interest
You need to do that in order to sway even the diehard customers over to your business. For some, a single sales pitch just doesn‟t seem to work.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: The 7 Basic Requirements to Sell Anything to Anyone

Chapter 2:
The First Requirement – Sell Yourself, Use a Great Story

Chapter 3:
The Second Requirement – Creating the Undeniable Need

Chapter 4:
The Third Requirement – Stamping Your Authority

Chapter 5:
The Fourth Requirement – Creating the Sense of Urgency

Chapter 6:
The Fifth Requirement – Making Them Accountable with Free Gifts

Chapter 7:
The Sixth Requirement – Making a Commitment

Chapter 8:
The Seventh Requirement – Keeping the Interest Factor Alive

Chapter 9:
What You Can Sell and What You Cannot – Some Taboos

Chapter 10:
Quest to Become Perfect in the Art of Salesmanship