How to Prevent Stuttering – Management Tips and Tricks

Stuttering is a speech impediment that is caused when the regular speech pattern is interrupted by repeated syllable or letter sounds. This happens when a person cannot say the word all at once. The person may also experience tremors and eye blinking while stuttering. Stuttering can happen while they’re talking to a bunch of people or to one person. In the UK, stuttering is referred to as stammering or disfluent speech. There are about three million Americans that have been diagnosed with stuttering.

It can affect anyone, but the group that it affects the most is children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. This is the time that they are learning to talk and make sentences. In this age group, boys outnumber the girls in stuttering. With adults, the stuttering rate hovers around 1 percent. Some research has shown that stuttering may be genetically related. However, most stuttering has seemed to produce a developmental pattern. This is in reference to young children that are just starting to speak and form words and sentences.

Table of Contents
Introduction ….3
How Speech Is Coordinated ….9
Early Signs Of Stuttering ….9
How To React To People That Stutter ….11
Employment ….11
What Parents Can Do For Children Who Stutter ….13
Stuttering During The School Age Years ….15
Tips For Classroom Presentations About Stuttering ….17
Treatment For People Who Stutter ….19
Help For Young Children ….22
What To Look For In A Speech-Language Pathologist ….25
Help For Teens Who Stutter ….28
Help For Adults Who Stutter ….31
Research On Stuttering ….35
Relapse ….36
Support Groups ….37
Resources ….39