How to Overcome or Manage Your Fear of Spiders

God did not make spiders cute and cuddly. He did not make them fun or even interesting – well, to most people. After all, they just kind of crawl around and lurk in dark spaces occasionally spinning a web for you to get all over your face if you walk through it. Around Halloween, this can be great – handmade decorations! But at other times, it’s just a nuisance.

Then you have to consider those spiders that are poisonous. Media outlets have made all of us increasingly aware of the dangers of brown recluse spiders and the physical damage they can wreak on the human body. Then you have to consider the deadly Tarantulas, and other poisonous spiders that can be lurking just underneath your house.

Introduction 3
What Is A Phobia? 4
What Causes Phobias? 7
Phobias in the Past 10
What Happens to Phobics? 12
Arachnophobia 13
Overcoming Your Fears 17
….Exposure Therapy 21
….Flooding 25
….Cognitive Behavior Therapy 25
….Hypnosis 28
….Virtual Reality Therapy 28
….Medications 31
Beat Panic Attacks 32
Relaxation Techniques 37
….Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation 37
….Cue Control Relaxation 42
….Deep Breathing Relaxation 43
….Guided Imagery 44
Fun Facts about Spiders 45
Conclusion 49