How to Master and Read Body Language

There are many form of communication and sometimes a person’s body language can actually indicate more things than the spoken word. Learning to understand body language can be very beneficial both in the work environment as well as on a more personal front. Body language reveals personal feelings and reactions to other people’s feelings. However is has yet to be proven to be a science form and is not a real indicator to anything as it can be and is often manipulated.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:
Introduction To Body Language

Chapter 2:
Understand The Positive And Negative Positions

Chapter 3:
Observe How People React To Certain Body Language

Chapter 4:
Set A Goal For The Image You Wish To Project

Chapter 5:
Practice Scenarios In The Mirror

Chapter 6:
Train Your Body To React Positively

Chapter 7:
Learn How To Take Down Someone’s Wall with Positive Body Positions

Chapter 8:
Understand The Importance Of Symmetry

Chapter 9:
Understand The Importance Of Matching The Other Person

Chapter 10:
What You Can Get Into With The Incorrect Body Language

Wrapping Up