How to Inspire and Empower Friends, Family, Lovers, and Significant Others

What is meant by an inspired life? Is an inspired life lived only by saints and prophets? Is inspired living the sole domain of Enlightened Ones? The English Dictionary defines inspire‘ as to affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence’. It also means to fill with enlivening or exalting emotion’ and to stimulate to action’. Another meaning of the word is to draw in air.

But an archaic meaning of the word inspire‘ is to breathe life into’! So Inspiration implies a breathing in of life, as well as to give life to others. For ordinary individuals and for everyday life, it means breathing in and out better. Simply put – Living Better. To live an inspired life is to walk with an enhanced awareness of everyone and everything around you, to see divinity and delight in everyday people and events, and to infuse your environment with the same magical energy.

Again, that sounds mystical and out of reach, doesn‘t it? But an Inspired Life can be inculcated through little steps every day – by reading, listening, talking, touching and breathing in only the best and beautiful of experiences. We are conscious beings, constantly being fed by our five senses. Immerse your senses in the inspiring creations of Man and Nature and you will feel the difference. In these chapters let us explore ways and means of getting that extra special glow of inspiration. How do great people get inspired? What is the raw material for an inspired mind? What blocks the high ways of inspiration? How do we recharge our inspiration? How can we inspire others? Let us embark on a journey to breathe life into ourselves and others!

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:
Living an Inspired Life

Chapter 2:
Qualities for Inspired Living

Chapter 3:
Gardener of the Mind

Chapter 4:
How to Inspire

Chapter 5:
Simple Ways to Re-Inspire You

Chapter 6:
Your Hidden Cheerleader

Chapter 7:
The Chain of Inspiration

Chapter 8:
Filling the Creative Well

Chapter 9:
Inspirational Speakers in Cyberspace

Chapter 10:
Inspiration for Creative Artists