Boating Guide – How to Buy, Maintain, and Enjoy a Boat

For some people, the perfect day is clear and sunny. It’s not too cool and it’s not too warm. There is a gentle breeze blowing and the water is like a smooth plate of glass and they are happily riding along the water in their new boat enjoying the scenery along the way. If this sounds like your perfect day too, there are some things that you need to know about before you begin your boating adventures. Boating is much more than just putting a craft on the water and switching on the motor or hoisting the sails. While it may seem like an easy undertaking, you should still become an informed boater knowing the rules of the water as well as boat safety.

Boating has lots and lots of advantages that you may have never thought about. It can help bring you together as a family, it can ease stress, and it is a lot of fun. Experienced boaters can share with you their love of boating and why it’s something they pursue heartily. Recreational boating provides a constructive outlet for entertainment that reduces stress and provides ample opportunities for self-enrichment. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning to water ski, relaxing as you try to catch a fish, or just relaxing on deck and enjoying a sunset, boating can bring quality to your life.

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Buying a Boat 4
Kinds of Boats 4-9
Buying a Used Boat 9
Engine Check List 12
Boat Check List 13
Best Places to Buy a Boat 15
Boat Financing 17
Insurance and Registration 18
Boat Maintenance 20
Emergency Boat Repair 26
Boat Equipment 27
Getting On the Water 29
Rules of the “Road” 32
Boat Safety 38
Boating Etiquette for Guests 42
Boating With Children 45
In Case of Emergency 49
Conclusion 61