How to Ensure Your Initiative is Successful



Why Do Most Business Initiatives Fail?
How does one introduce a new business initiative as quickly and as successfully as possible?  The answer, ask and answer all the questions that need to be answered as early in the development process as possible and don t move forward until they are answered.  Not doing so will lead to failure.

In many instances, speed is critical and we are trained to look for ways to take shortcuts.  We have made ourselves believe it is impossible to know all the questions to ask, let alone answer all of them. We think, trying to do so only slows things down and gives the competition the advantage. Besides, issues can be addressed as they come up. Nope wrong! Utilizing tools and processes to ask and answer key questions early in the process is the solution and it is essential. This is why along with the templates, we also give you the tools to do effective collaboration, sharing of ideas, market research, competitive analysis, and creative thinking. The difference between delivering ordinary results vs. extraordinary results is this little extra .
Critical Steps For Successs
The following process is proven over and over again to be successful. Follow it carefully, use the templates and tools, and you will have the discipline and rigor to ensure that your initiative is a success...guaranteed! A very important notice if your are doing a strategic plan...these steps should be used along with the Running the Strategic Planning Session process to avoid duplication and confusion.

  • Build an initial draft of the initiative or plan that you believe will be successful. It must identify both the customer-focused actions critical for success as well as the company-focused responsibilities required for success. Use the tools to do some initial creative thinking and market intelligence to ensure your recommendations are fact-based and different from the usual uninspiring and boring suggestions.

  • Test the plan viability with key internal stakeholders and audiences. Be sure to include stakeholders in distant geographies or who speak a different language by making use of proper project management collaboration tools. Present the details and assumptions associated with the plan, including their intended outcomes. Pro-actively seek feedback. Identify and prioritize strengths and weaknesses with the plan. The goal of this step is to have those within your organization who will be responsible for plan success to provide honest feedback and offer suggestions to improve the plan at its earliest stage of development.

  • Utilize the findings from this initial review to refine and strengthen the plan. As needed, re-present an updated plan to internal stakeholders to further refine and strengthen it. Again, use the provided creativity, market intelligence, and collaboration tools to bring additional fresh and fact-based ideas into the mix.

  • Identify and prioritize the key elements of the plan that you believe will be most critical to achieve customer acceptance and demand. Conduct market research and/or test those key elements with important customer segments to gain insights to improve and strengthen it.

  • Finalize the plan based on all internal stakeholder input, customer feedback, and industry competitive benchmarking:

  • Develop metrics to measure plan success and to prioritize areas where the plan needs to be resourced for successful implementation.

  • Implement the plan, track success, and pro-actively modify it as required.

Expert Help

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