About Us


We Are Your Business Development  Knowledge Experts: Our focus is strictly business development and we are the leader in providing deep knowledge and facts to help you tackle business development challenges. We have over 20 years of functional operating experience as well as in the execution of insightful market research and analytics. Getting to the heart of the issue is what drives us and our knowledge network will wow you with how we do it.  



But, what if you don't have a mindset for success? What if you are just stuck in a rut and cannot get out of your own way? Not to worry, we also provide you with some of the best life coaching ideas and tools to help you reinvent yourself. Many of them were featured in various popular television shows, newspapers, and magazines. We are all about you being successful on and off the job...but we know sometimes they are interdependent.


We operate from the belief that rather than engaging in a formal and expensive consulting engagement, many companies only need the right tools and templates coupled with a pre-determined number of hours of insight and thought leadership consultation to get the job done. Most formal consulting engagements require the consultants to learn your business, pick your brain, add their insights, and produce a nice color bound report.


Of course, after paying very expensive invoices, in most instances the nice consultant report will sit on a shelf without ever being executed! With us, you drive your output - nobody will likely know your unique circumstances as well as you do. This is why our company is called uStyleit!


We help professionals to…  

  • Build Strategic Plans
  • Develop Competitive Analyses
  • Start & Complete Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Joint Ventures
  • Access Market & Industry profiles
  • Explore Business Turnarounds
  • Build Post Deal Integration Plans
  • Reach New Markets
  • Build Business Plans
  • Build Marketing Plans  
  • Build Sales Plan
  • Build New Product Launch Plans
  • Execute Game Changer Transactions
  •  Complete Transaction Documents
  • Identify Industry Service Firms
  • Launch New Products
  • Enhance Change Management
  • Keep Up With Industry Trends
  • Apply Benchmarking Practices
  • Generate Creative Deal Structures
  • Complete Company Valuations